6 Ways A&E TV Show Duck Dynasty Uses Social Media

19 March

Guest post by ROAR intern Abbie Robinson, cialis senior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Journalism.

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So if you haven’t heard of the A&E television show Duck Dynasty, you must be living under a rock. Considering the show is active on just about every social media platform out there, we decided it’s time to write about it.

The Duck Dynasty TV show follows the Robertson family, aka “redneck millionaires,” who owns a company that makes duck calls called Duck Commander. It is different from most reality TV shows because the Robertsons are strong Christians whose motto has come to be known as, “faith, family, ducks.” Duck Dynasty sets a great and positive example of how we can creatively use social media to engage with others. It is obvious that the show strives to stay connected with their fans in fun, unique ways, and they take full advantage of the many different ways that social media allows them to do so.

Below is a list of six ways that Duck Dynasty engages in social media in order to connect with their fans:

1. Twitter hashtags for prizes

  • Duck Dynasty’s social media team does a great job of creating a fun social media experience every Wednesday night during their new episodes. For example, when viewers see Si holding a “HEY” sign (his signature phrase on the show) on the bottom of their screen, they can tweet #Jack in order to win a prize. Duck Dynasty’s Twitter account is constantly interacting with fans by retweeting and answering questions during the show. Quite often, their social media team succeeds in making the show a trending topic on Twitter each week. By having #DuckDynasty trending on Twitter, the show gets publicity and can be seen by those who have maybe not heard of it before… (those who are living under that rock).


2. Twitter interaction during the show

  • Many of the characters on the show are active on Twitter while the show airs each week. For example, Willie and Korie Robertson use their personal Twitter accounts to retweet quotes from fans. They also answer a lot of questions from fans about what is happening in the show or about the Robertson family in general. My personal favorite part about the show’s Twitter interaction is being able to read what the characters are saying not just to the fans, but to each other as well. Often times, the husbands and wives on the show will tweet back-and-forth with each other about a scene that just happened which is very amusing. I enjoy scrolling through tweets on my phone during the commercials in order to see what the characters are talking about. Because of the show’s use of social media, I can actually enjoy the commercial breaks now!

willlie robertson tweet

kori robertson tweet

3. Facebook videos

  • As Duck Dynasty has become more and more popular, they have reached a whopping 4 million likes on their Facebook page. In order to keep their massive following hyped for the next episode, they post short trailers of what is to come on the next week’s show. They also did a great job utilizing their Facebook videos by posting short commercial-like videos every day for three weeks leading up to the show’s season three premiere on February 27, like this one:


4. Google + hangout

  • In the past, Duck Dynasty has used Google + as another way of interacting with their fans. During the hangout, some lucky viewers were invited to video chat with the Robertsons where they could talk to them face-to-face and ask them questions about the show. The Google + hangout was also ope to Twitter and Facebook fans who could watch the hangout live and send in their own questions. Video chats are a great way to stay connected with fans in a more personal way.

duck dynasty google+ hangout

5. Instagram

  • If you’re a crazy DD fan like me, then you follow the Robertsons on every social media outlet there is. Instagram is another place where I love to stay updated with Duck Dynasty. Justin Martin, who works for Duck Commander and is featured on the show, posted a picture on Instagram of a note he wrote which says, “First off let me say thank y’all for all of the support with Duck Dynasty! I use social media to give y’all a glimpse into our lives outside of the TV world.” Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

duck dynasty on instagram

6. Beard Yourself app

  • So for those who are uninformed about the significance of this app –The Robertson men of Duck Dynasty all have full beards that they refuse to shave. The Beard Yourself Facebook app was created so that fans can see what they would look like if they were a part of the Robertson clan. I mean, what better use of an app than creating a beard for yourself in order to relate to the characters? You can beard yourself here or click on the image below if you are curious.

beard yourself app duck dynasty

This may be disturbing for anyone who knows us, but here is Summer and myself using the Beard Yourself App…

beard yourself

To me, the number one rule of social media is to engage. It doesn’t always have to be about selling, promoting or talking about ourselves 24/7. While it is okay to do these things at times, engaging with the community through social media is always the best approach to take. It sure seems to be working out for the stars of Duck Dynasty. Did I mention that 9 million people tuned in for the season three premiere? Duck Dynasty is proof that social media engagement can be done in a fun, positive and creative way.

Want to follow the Robertson Family on Twitter? Go at it:

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