7 Favorite Church Blogs- Add to Our List!

11 October
We love reading blogs. Whether it’s a blog on leadership, innovation, business or parenting, you can find it in our Google Reader. This past week our team put together a list of some of our favorite church-type blogs that we want to share with you. We’d love to hear some of yours as well! Leave us a comment below with the link to a blog and a sentence explaining why you think it’s worth sharing.

An advocate and champion for movements of gospel-centered Missional Communities, the Verge Network blog exists for church leaders, students, entrepreneurs, artists, urban innovators, business leaders, community development specialists, non-profit leaders, church planters and everyday leaders – anyone pursuing the mission of God, in community, whatever the context, for the sake of the Gospel. They have a free eBook out right now that we really like called Simple Ways to be Missional.


This is a blog by Pastor JD Greear from the Summit Church in Durham, N.C. We like this blog because it comes personally from Pastor JD. The Summit’s vision is to plant 1,000 churches in by the year 2040. Currently, they have planted 11 and have several church planting teams stationed around the world. The Summit Church has been ranked by Outreach magazine as one of the top 20 fastest growing churches in the United States, averaging over 6000 weekly.


Excerpt from JD’s latest post: Failure, Not Success, Makes A Leader Great

“This weekend we finished our Can’t Believe series with a look at Peter. Peter is a unique case, because in many ways, he was not someone who couldn’t believe, but someone who stopped believing. He let Jesus down big time, and was sure God’s plans for him were over. Yet Jesus tells Peter that he is going to become the leader of the church.

How did Jesus turn Peter, a guy who was so shaky he would deny him three times in one evening, to one who would endure crucifixion? A deep and profound experience of grace.Peter’s pride and confidence in his abilities kept him in 4 spiritually deadly conditions…” continue reading here.


 We like the New Spring Church blog because their graphics are well done and the site is very clean, fresh, and easy to navigate. The blog has daily devotionals, stories, sermons and resources that we have found very helpful and reliable.  The current post right now is called “ARE YOU OBEDIENT WITH YOUR TIME?” reminding us that time is our most valuable resource. We really like the challenge and usefulness of this blog.


We like the Church Marketing Sucks blog because they always have great information and thoughts on communications, advertising and more all relating back to the church. Their suggestions can sometimes be thought provoking and a bit outside the box. There mission is “to frustrate, educate and motivate the church to communicate, with uncompromising clarity, the truth of Jesus Christ.” When asked why they use the word “Sucks,” they will tell you- “We’re being authentic. We’re being real. We’re doing the same thing we’re asking the church to do when it comes to communicating and marketing who they are.”


We read the ChurchTechToday blog on a regular basis. We sometimes repost articles from their blog that we find especially interesting. ChurchTechToday is for people to discuss how technology can truly impact the Church in positive ways, whether it be reducing administration with a church office, allowing para church organizations to connect with their members online, or simply to share the Gospel message through non-traditional channels. If your church wants to find out how to better utilize the technology you have, this blog is a good read.


We put the Desiring God Blog  on our list because we really like to read anything by John Piper . The blog itself is simple, clean, and easy to read. It features a variety of different writers, books, conferences, and other resources you want to be in the know about. They are currently giving a short, free eBook to their readers called “Preparing for Marriage.”


The blog is a good resource for getting ahead on the new innovating things coming down the pipe for churches. Swerve’s purpose is to share and learn from leaders who are passionate about reaching this world for Christ. Through satellite broadcasts that enable all of thier twelve locations to be connected as one, is a multi-site church that transcends metropolitan regions. They are currently holding “Round Tables” for those who are interested in church planting and for pastors interested in developing their leadership skills.

So…what church-type blogs do you like to read? If you need help, you can find a list of the top 200 church blogs from Church Relevance HERE.

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